Cleaning Tint Film


We offer Sprayway Glass Cleaner to our customers and the general public. This product is a foam cleaner which does not streak or run. It is ammonia free, therefore 100% safe for tinted windows in your home, office, or automobile. We use this product, and are glad to recommend it to our customers.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner is one of the most versatile glass cleaners available. It is designed to clean glass, windows, mirrors, enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces.

It is always safest to clean your windows with simply a wet and dry towel, however if your windows are in need of something stronger find a product that does not contain ammonia.
  • Individual Can – $5.00

  • Case Price (12 cans) – $50.00​

Why use Sprayway?

  • Dissolves dirt, grease, grit, and grime.

  • Heavy-duty foam clings to vertical surfaces.

  • Guaranteed to leave no visible residue.

  • Contains perfume-grade alcohol for best performance.

  • Affordable price for single cans or a case.

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