Pro Car Window Tinting vs DIY Tint: Why To Go Pro

Are you looking to get some car window tinting done but aren’t sure if you should hire a pro or brave it yourself? Click here to learn the differences.

Are you looking for ways to install tinted windows on your car? Are you considering whether or not to turn it into a DIY project? If so, then you need to learn all of the reasons to go the professional route.

Choosing to hire professional car window tinting can unlock several benefits. It ensures optimal results, lowers the cost of the installation (due to DIY setbacks), and can help you get the benefits of tinted windows faster.

See below for an in-depth guide on why you should pay for professional car window tinting rather than going the DIY route.

1. Access to Trusted Brands

Week in and week out, it never fails. We get clients that come to us after trying to perform a DIY car window tinting project, and this is the number one setback that they experience. Due to their lack of resources and knowledge on window film, they invested in the wrong brand to apply to their car windows.

As a result, they experienced lackluster performance. The window film starts to peel off, there are bubbles between the film and the glass, or the film isn’t helping your car the way it’s supposed to. All of these problems can be avoided with the right window film brand.

By hiring a professional car window tinting service, you will get access to the best brand on the market, 3M, and all its incredible series of window film options, such as:

  • Obsidian Series
  • Color Stable Series
  • Ceramic IR Series
  • Crystalline Series‚Äč

All 3M films are only sold by certified window film experts. 3M window film products block out 99-percent of all ultraviolet rays trying to make their way into your car. This will streamline your car’s energy efficiency and help you avoid those burning-hot seats when you go to sit down in your car.

2. Unlock All the Benefits of Window Film

Contrary to popular belief, tinted windows don’t just offer aesthetic benefits to your car. As we just briefly mentioned, there are even more effective benefits you can unlock when the job is done correctly.

Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between the window film being applied correctly and inefficiently. Without the proper experience, your DIY window tint job will most likely lean towards the latter.

Thankfully, by simply hiring a trusted car window tinting expert, you can gain access to all kinds of benefits for your car, such as:

  • Energy efficiency for your car’s system
  • More privacy for you and your passengers
  • Protection from glass shattering due to blunt force (such as an attempted break-in or debris from a storm)
  • Protects the longevity and aesthetic of your upholstery
  • Blocks 99-percent of UV rays from getting into your car
  • Reduces UV glare & more

Investing in professional car window tinting can also get you access to two types of warranties: a warranty from the manufacturer, as well as the auto tinting service. That way, if anything goes wrong, you’ll be financially protected and have the problem fixed in no time at all.

3. Cost-Efficiency

No matter what project you’re attempting to do in life, inexperience will always lead to mistakes. Attempting a DIY car window tinting job is no different.

Many people assume that DIY car window tinting will help them lessen the car window tinting cost, but let’s take a deeper dive. If you experience even one setback as you apply the film, you’ll likely have to replace the film you messed upon. That cost can quickly add up.

Not to mention that when you do it yourself, the odds are that you’ll have a few bubbles in between your window and film, which will worsen with time. Therefore, your window film won’t last as long.

Meanwhile, getting it done professionally can ensure you get it right the first time. It will give you a higher return on your investment due to its longevity. Even if you experience a setback with professional window tinting, the warranty will help you fix it at no cost to you.

4. Multiple Options

When you go to DIY your car window tint job, you’re at the mercy of whatever window film products the store has. These are more than likely lesser brands, as the top brands (like 3M) prefer their products to be applied professionally. That limited selection will undoubtedly affect the results you have.

Thankfully, the professional installation gives you more options. As we listed in the first pointer, we sell several of 3M’s products, giving you multiple options.

No matter what aesthetic or performance you’re looking for, we have a product for you. This can also help you hit your desired budget for the overall price.

5. Convenience

Many people believe that DIY car window tinting is more convenient but think again. Doing it yourself will force you to commit hours upon hours to do the job right, due to your inexperience.

Those who hire a professional service to do the job experience much more desirable results. They schedule a time to have the windows tinted, then enjoy the benefits of it right after it’s done.

Even better, the window film is usually performed by the end of the day. That means those that hire a professional will enjoy optimal results all the faster!

Invest in Professional Car Window Tinting Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on car window tinting and why it’s best to hire a professional, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to read this article for more information on the 5 reasons should invest in auto window tinting for each of your family’s vehicles.

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