7 Fast Facts About Window Tinting – Atlanta, Georgia

Everyone knows what window tinting looks like, but few know the process and all of the benefits involved. Our Metro Atlanta tinting experts simplify it all.

Americans are spending more and more time in their cars every year, averaging around 10 hours per week!
When you’re spending that many hours somewhere, it’s time to make it a little better and more comfortable for you. Car window tinting is a great, easy way to update your vehicle to make it look and function better all around. You may think you know all about window tinting but chances are you have a little more to learn. Here are seven fun facts about car tints from the professionals with the best window tinting in Metro Atlanta.
1. Easy on the Eyes
While most of us enjoy the sunshine, it can be pretty damaging for our eyes with prolonged exposure. Driving for extended periods of time with clear windows can be just that type of exposure that can cause damage. A lot of bright light in your eyes can lead to cataracts or other eye diseases, which are often irreversible and lead to eye-sight loss. But adding a window tint can filter out some of those rays and make driving easier on your eyes overall. You won’t have to squint to see around the light and can be relaxed no matter how long your travel. Not to mention the lower risk of wrinkles from less squinting!
2. Legal Limits Vary by State
Car window tinting comes in all different levels. You can go from barely-there to completely dark and everything in between, each filtering out various degrees of sunlight.
Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to just choose whichever level you’d like because there are laws and regulations about how far you can tint. And to make it even more complicated, every state has a unique tint level limit for their area. If you go over the limit and get pulled over, you can be given a ticket and required to pay a fine. It’s important to go with a local company that knows your legal limits to keep you from having any problems
3. Protects the Interior
Not only are you susceptible to damage from the extended exposure to the sun, but the interior materials of the car are as well. The most common problem that continuous UV exposure is the color fading and looking worn-out. This can happen to the seats, dash, and console. It can also eventually cause wrinkling and cracking if the problem is too persistent. Once these issues have occurred, there’s nothing really you can do to change it. Other than replacing altogether, which is a huge expense and time commitment. You can easily avoid all of these problems and keep your interior looking brand new by adding window tint to filter out the harder rays.
4. Adds a Level of Privacy 
One slightly more unexpected benefits of window tinting are the higher levels of privacy you can have. Instead of all of your nosy neighbors being able to see into your car whenever they want, their view will be obstructed by the tinting. This is a plus in general but also is a great safety measure as well. More than 720,000 vehicles were stolen last year and that number doesn’t include instances when property was stolen out of the car but the car was left. This is a serious problem that can have consequences for years afterward. Anything you can do to prevent your vehicle from being burglarized is a smart choice.
5. Creates a Comfortable Environment 
Temperature control can be difficult to achieve in a car. The air vents are often not big enough or powerful enough to quickly heat up or cool down the car. It takes several minutes to reach the optimal temperature regardless of how new your car is. Adding a layer of car window tinting can greatly increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. When you have window tint and the sunlight is more filtered, the car won’t heat up to extreme ways after it’s been sitting. It also may be able to keep the heat in better as well. The windows tinting acts as a kind of insulation to keep things more even within the vehicle at all times.
6. Best Left to the Professionals
The process of installing car window tinting seems easy enough. All you have to do is peel the tint sheets and place them on the windows, right? Wrong. Well, kind-of right. That is most of the process but it takes a very specific technique in order to get the beautiful results you’re looking for. Most of the time trying to do it yourself results in air bubbles that both make the product look bad and also hinder its ability to last very long. When looking to install window tinting it’s best to go with a professional system to get the very best end product that you can be happy with for years to come.
7. Any Vehicle Eligible
When you think about adding any customization to a car, you generally only think of doing that for fancy sports cars. But that’s simply not the case for window tinting. Car window tinting can literally be added to any vehicle and make a big difference. It doesn’t matter what make or model, how old the car is, or what shape it’s in. As long as there are solid windows, you can add tinting to it. And the best part is, that simple addition will elevate the entire look of the car no matter what!
Best Window Tinting in Georgia
Adding window tint to your vehicle can be a game-changer. It improves both the aesthetic of the car, as well as the overall comfort level and efficiency. But you’ll only enjoy those benefits if the job is done correctly, which means you need a professional team for the install. Count on us for the best window tinting in Georgia and you’ll see all the benefits tinting has to offer! If you’re interested in seeing your options and getting a quotecontact us at Elite Window Tinting today to get started!
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